What you will need to bring:

     - Eye and ear protection  (required)

     - Pistol or revolver meeting IDPA requirements  (see below)

     - Strong side hip holster meeting IDPA requirements

     - Magazines, speedloaders, or moonclips (at least three)

     - Double magazine pouch or other appropriate carriers

     - Sturdy gun belt meeting IDPA regs

     - Cover garment (mandatory) (see rules for description)

     - 150 rounds of ammunition meeting IDPA minimum power factor (see rules)

     - Range or gym bag to carry it all

It is important to have at least a passing familiarity with the rules.  If you haven't already done so, go to http://www.idpa.com/compete/rules and download the PDF or read online.  In order to determine what division your firearm places you in, you will need to look at Section 8.1 (page 25).  Details of the different divisions and what is and is not allowed follow in Section 8.2.  Rules covering ammo, belts, and holsters are in Sections 8.3 through 8.8.  Section 8.9 discusses concealment garments which are required for most IDPA Courses of Fire.

You are certainly not expected to memorize all the rules, but it really helps to at least look over the chapters on Safety (Chapter 2), Shooting Rules (Chapter 3), Penalty Rules (Chapter 5) so you know what not to do, and Scoring Rules (Chapter 4).

An overview of this information will be covered in the New Shooter's Safety Briefing and you will inevitably pick it up as you go along.

Most Safety Officers will go a little easy on you if you are a beginner, except for safety violations.  Safety is the #1 rule, always.   IDPA shooters in general are friendly and helpful and more than willing to answer any questions or clear up any confusion you might have.

Our matches are intended to be a supportive learning environment, so come on out and have fun!